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as you walk in Hillsborough Forest Park,

Co Down

 History, Natural History
and Environment

Fort, Lake and Forest


  • Unwind your Mind with a Calming Walk on the Wild Side.

  • Connect with Nature in a Stunning Lake and Woodland Landscape

  • Learn about 400 years of Local History.

  • 17th Century Fort with Royal Connections

  • Wild Flowers and Invasive Alien Plants

  • Wild Birds and North American Giant Trees  

  • Harry Ferguson Aviation Memorial

"Parks......are more than places to play and picnic. They are places to learn and be inspired"

Grant W. Sharpe

A guide for this 'attraction'  is no longer available. Formerly TGNI-registered , I have been forced to give up this registrationbut giving up this registration due to lack of 'customers' I


Familiar with local history, I am a retired scientist and educator, with interests in natural history, environment and landscape. 

Your Self-Guided Walking Tour

"Not having an interpreter in a park is like inviting a guest to your house, opening the door and then disappearing" Gary Everhardt, Director US National Park Service.


I apologise  for 'disappearing'  but will remain available to give information by email to facilitate your  own self-guided tours.



I. am sorry to report that I no longer offer guided walks, due to  insufficient demand. Also, the Forest Park has become too popular to allow meandering groups. However the Park is still well worth a visit if you wish to see and learn to recognise a range of native and non-native trees, or to see the 17th century Fort .  

If  you are still  interestedI I can offer practical guidance for your walks by email. Please contact me , John, on


Text queries to: +44 (0) 7801930216.  



Get in Touch 

Use adjacent form for the above email address. 

Alternatively, send a plain text email to

This, second email address will persist, even if I can no long afford to maintain the website.

+44 (0)7801930216

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